Starting out on your own is a scary thing. There’s no beating about the bush; because it is. After working full time with a company for more than 7 years while juggling my studies and life in general, being on your own is weird. However, I cannot deny that it is weird in a good way because it’s exciting, liberating and most of all, challenging.

I got my creative juices going, made new acquaintances from all over the world, learnt quite a few new things and filled my calendar to the brim. And I simply love it!  My advice though, if you’re starting out as a freelancer, is to be organised. Plan, schedule & take action. There is no room for procrastination; zilch. The first thing I did was creating a weekly planner. You can get your weekly planner freebie here 🙂

Like the majority of people, I believe, I weigh my options before jumping in the sea of the unknown. For one too many times I have been let down, lied to or misled. So, eventually, I learned to take my time in figuring things out and not be rash. You may miss out on potential opportunities by doing so. However, I have always been the kind of person who comes up with new ideas and implement them. So, if you’re in a similar situation, take a step back, take in the whole picture and regroup. You’ll get there eventually!

Amanda x

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