Hey, I’m Amanda!

↠ Based in Malta & passionate about helping businesses improve their online presence.

I have been working in Digital Marketing for 8+ years. I got my Master’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester. And, before that, my Bachelor’s degree in Communications & Psychology from the University of Malta.

In the working world, I started out as a videographer and video editor but soon, my love for writing and social media marketing took over.

I help small businesses find their digital footing and flourish. Throughout the years, I have also worked with marketing agencies, global companies, local brands and individuals who had just started out.

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I specialise in:

► Creative & Content Writing
► Social Media Services
► Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
► Digital Marketing Training
Content Creation

I take care of a limited number of clients at a time. Why don’t you concentrate on your business and let me handle the rest? Get in touch.