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You know how you tend to take care of everyone else’s needs and always postpone your own? Yes, well, this week, I made it a point to do at least this one thing.

A couple of months ago we got this Scratch Map® from Luckies of London which I went crazy about (and then felt bad after scratching off so little.) We came up with this idea of hanging the map on the bedroom wall with our travel pictures surrounding it. And for once, we decided to be in the pictures because usually we just print the beautiful scenery, maps, quotes – and that’s practically it.

Photo displays are super easy and fun to do if you don’t have a gazillion photos to choose from.  The only thing I dreaded in fact, was the idea of having to sit down and go through all our travel pictures and choose only one from each travel adventure (Stefan, my husband, never seems to let go of his camera whenever we’re abroad).

travelphotodisplay #byamandaliaI usually start by sketching the layout first after taking the wall measurements. And in the meantime, select my favourite pictures so I can design according to their orientation (portrait/landscape).

Ideally, the centre of the display should be at eye level. But to be honest, there are no rules! That’s the beauty of it! You can go frame-less, vary the frame sizes and material, have them in the same colour, different colours, display the pictures on shelves instead of walls…You’re telling a story with your photos, so there is ample room for creativity!

I love creating and designing photo wall arts. For the most part, I do it for others.  But, after I got the one on the stairwell done (proof below), I was constantly being reminded (or rather, nagged) that we had to do this other travel photo display. Now all I need to do is frame and hang them (hopefully this month!)

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Amanda x