Yesterday has been an eye-opener for me. Despite it being Valentine’s Day, that was not the highlight of the day.

It has been 7 years I think since I set foot on the University campus. And as soon as I stepped inside the Faculty building a wave of nostalgia hit me and it was like I was back there again – reliving the best years of my life. Sure, the building has undergone refurbishment and it is way nicer now. But the ‘feel’ of the place is still the same.

The Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences at UOM held a talk by British Photographer and Motivational Speaker Trevor Griffiths. In all honesty, I am always a bit sceptic about seminars and talks  because of my extremely short attention span. My mind has this tendency to wander on its own, unlocking new thoughts and ideas along the way. But this time, I was captivated. Trevor Griffiths managed to keep his audience on their toes (at least, I was) as we relived his past experiences, successes and defeats.

To lightly rephrase the gist of his concluding speech, if you put your mind to the task and if you truly want to succeed – don’t say you can’t. Because you can and you will.

So, as I left the building, I kept mulling over those last couple of words which I believe are going to become my tune for a long time to come. To say that no one ever said that to me would be an outright lie; I have seen nothing but constant support from my family and closest friends.

But still, hearing those words from someone who knows is inspiring. My advice, if you come by an opportunity such as this one don’t let it slip through your fingers. It will only take an hour or two of your time but will make up for so much more.

Amanda x